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Our Mission at Shore Funding Solutions

We will provide you with fast & easy funding using common sense underwriting for your business. We take pride in educating you about our direct lending and brokerage programs. These are the seaways to providing your business the capital needed to help it grow and thrive. Unlike traditional factoring companies in the past who base their funding off of credit sales alone we look at your entire gross income. We feel that your business deserves more than what others are offering. We offer numerous remittance programs that will show you even more savings each time you renew your advance with Shore Funding Solutions.

Business owners face a range of issues trying to obtain traditional financing. The solutions we offer are a sure fit for all of your business' needs. We have all the tools to expedite your advance without the feeling of being rushed. We are business owners ourselves so we fully understand the urgencies you are faced with when in need of capital.

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  • CPerez HandyGreen Avatar

    Joe has been an excellent customer service representative of Shore Funding Solutions. Has taken care of our business needs and... read more

    CPerez H. 2 weeks ago
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    Cat B. 1 month ago
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    A few details weren't available that would have been more appreciated upfront, however the customer service was excellent and the... read more

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    Dominic Was great to work with and made the process as painless as possible. Would definitely recommend if you are... read more

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    Monty and the entire team a Shone Funding were great to work with! Made the process super simple and quick!

    Bryan C. 1 month ago
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    Mr. Johnny Cummings was very professional and prompt with helping with the process. I would recommend any new or start... read more

    Karla W. 1 month ago
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    Hats off to Neil and Richard for guiding me through and funding me. The process was seamless.

    Paul P. 1 month ago
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    Mack S. 1 month ago

What Types of Business Loans Do We Offer?

We will tailor a business loan program to meet your business needs.

Revenue Based Financing

  • 2 - 10 year terms
  • $25k - $1M Loan Amounts
  • As low as 6.00% APR
Approval & Funding
within 5 business days
$25k - $1M
2 - 10 Years

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Revenue Based Financing

  • Term 10 years
  • $5k - $5M Loan Amounts
  • As low as 6.00% APR
Approval & Funding
within 2 weeks
$5k - $5M
10 Years

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Revenue Based Financing

  • 6 months to 5 year Terms
  • $10k - $1M Line of Credit Amounts
  • As low as 3.75% APR
Approval & Funding
within 1 day
$10k - $1M
6 months to 5 years

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Revenue Based Financing

  • 3 to 18 month Terms
  • No Tax Returns needed
  • 6 month bank statements
  • 6 months in business
Approval & Funding
Same day!
Varies based on business portfolio
3 to 18 months

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Shore Funding Solutions gives you the opportunity to find the best funding options in the nation.

We work with the top funding providers in the country.
We focus on your business, not your personal credit score.
Quick decisions and fast funding!
We help fund your business for profitable growth, with funding that helps you and doesn't hinder you.
Our funding team works with a wide range of funding sources to find the best source that fits your individual needs.
Opportunities for long term relationships and repeat funding as your business continues to grow.

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Work with our team to find the funding option that is right for you. We handle your information carefully, discretely and professionally.

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Our team moves quickly to find the best options for you. Approvals and funding can come faster than you expect!

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Our experienced funding team is here for you. We're not just about funding deals. We thrive on helping companies grow and expand. Many will work with us over and over through the years, helping our clients with new opportunities that come their way!

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