Small Business Funding for Landscapers

Shore Funding Solutions can Find Capital for Your Landscaping Business

At Shore Funding Solutions, we understand that owners of small businesses put in tremendous amounts of hard work and dedication in order to help their businesses thrive.  Owning any small business comes with its fair share of joys and heartaches.  Cash flow problems, experienced by many industries, can plague small businesses and can often cause doors to close and out of business signs to go up.

The landscaping business is no stranger to the problem of cash flow.  Landscaping is often seasonal, depending on your location, with months of non-stop work followed by months of nothing at all.

Have you ever wished that you had some extra capital so that you can expand your business to include something you can do all year round?  If you live up north, maybe you would like to purchase some snow-blowers or a snow-plow to help your customers in the winter months?  Would you like to hire someone who is an expert at installing pavers so you can offer more to your landscaping clients?

Everything costs money and for the owner of a small business, extra cash is often scarce.  During a time when banks are stingy with small businesses, Shore Funding Solutions is here to help you find the funding program that can provide you with a short term cash advance when you need it the most.  Whether it is to invest in the growth of your landscaping business or to help pay expenses when business is slow, Shore Funding makes it easy to get cash fast.

Applying For Small Business Funding is Fast and Easy

It takes just minutes to fill out our online application and be well on your way to receiving the cash you need.  There are just a few basic questions to answer.  90% of applicants are approved and are eligible for one of the programs offered by or many top-tier underwriters.  Shore Funding does not rely on credit scores to approve your funding.  We carefully assess the overall health of your landscaping business and work to locate the best program for your specific business needs.

What Solution is Right for Your Small Business?

Shore Funding offers many different arrangements for funding that are tailored to meet your business goals.  You may want a very quick short term advance to get your landscaping business through a particularly long, cold winter.  Remember, you will not pay interest for such an advance; just a fixed cost which we derive from our risk analysis.  The lower the risk, the lower your cost.  We also offer a merchant account funding agreement.  This type of funding allows for a very flexible repayment plan that increases and decreases according to your credit card receipts.

Apply for Small Business Funding Today

You are just a few clicks away from completing your application for a small business capital advance with Shore Funding. Let us help you get the money you need to keep your business on its feet while you get back to doing what you do best- running your company.
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