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Shore Funding Provides Capital Solutions for Your Small Business

Are you the owner of a small business? If so, you have likely experienced some of the unpredictability that goes along with it.  While being a business owner brings you a lot of joy, the uncertainty can, at times, be difficult to deal with and stressful.

One of the most common "complaints" of small business owners relates to cash flow.  Owners of transportation companies, manufacturers, construction companies, and restaurants all tell stories of slow months when they wish they had extra money to cover expenses or to hire new workers.  Nearly every owner of a retail store, salon and spa and medical office knows the feeling of wanting capital to open a new location or purchase new items and inventory.  It's safe to say that nearly every industry and trade understands that sometimes you need money, to keep making money.

What Kind of Funding is Right for Your Small Business?

Banks nowadays are reluctant to issue funding to small businesses.  At Shore Funding, however, we work with the best and most reputable underwriters to find you a creative solution to your capital problems.  A short term cash advance might be all you need to allow you to cover expenses during a dry spell or to purchase a piece of equipment.  You won't pay interest on the advance. What we charge is a fixed cost.  The cost is determined by the assessed risk associated with the advance.  Lower risk=lower cost.

Some businesses might benefit from a flexible program called merchant account funding.  This advance is based on your future sales and is remitted in batches, the amount of which varies. The amount essentially ebbs and flows with your daily credit card receipts.

Apply for a Short Term Cash Advance Today

Shore Funding Solutions has a very easy application process.  Take a minute to fill out our online application, just a few questions will get you started. Do not let bad credit stop you.  Shore Funding does not rely on credit scores to decide if you qualify for funding.  We look at the overall health of your business.  90% of applicants are approved.  Because we have excellent relationships with multiple top-tier lenders, our team will work hard to find you a creative and customized funding solution.

We Serve Most Industries

Are you a store owner? Do you own a house painting business? Are you the owner of a cleaning company or carpet installation business?  Regardless of your industry, when you partner with Shore Funding Solutions, you will benefit from our years of experience working with small businesses all over the United StatesThink about all of the ways a capital advance can help your business succeed, and then apply today!