Funding for Towing Companies

Does Your Towing Business Need Capital? Shore Funding Can Help.

Owners of small businesses, understand the challenges that come with the benefits of having your own company.  Anyone in the towing industry, in particular, must constantly try to avoid one particular problem that inevitably plagues your business.  Whether you have one tow truck or five, you must worry about cash flow.  You have to wisely budget for things like gas, maintenance, insurance, and repairs.  As you know, these costs can fluctuate widely because of factors over which you have no control.  No matter how hard you try to budget, you simply never know what expenses will come along.

As the owner of a towing company, do you have the extra cash to pay for an expensive repair bill if one of your trucks breaks down?  Do you only have one tow truck but would love to invest in a second one so you can assist more customers?  Have gas prices skyrocketed to an all-time high and you can no longer fill your tanks?

Shore Funding Solutions can help you during these tough times with creative funding options that will provide your business with the capital you need to move forward.  Whether you need a short-term cash advance to cover expenses, or to invest in the growth of your towing business, our experienced professionals can help find the funding you need.

Easily Apply for Small Business Cash Advance with Shore Funding

During this time, when banks are reluctant to provide capital to small businesses, Shore Funding makes it simple for you to obtain a short-term cash advance.  In just a few minutes, you can fill out our online application and begin the fast process.  While banks and other lenders may rely solely on your credit score to decide whether or not they will give you cash, we do not.  We look at the overall health of your business, so don't let bad credit stop you from applying!

Because we have relationships with the most reputable lenders in the nation, we can find the best, customized solution to meet your business needs.  Did you know that 90% of our applicants qualify for funding?  Shore Funding understands how hard it is to run a small towing business and that sometimes you could benefit from a little extra help.

Shore Funding Offers Unique Solutions to Small Business Owners

It is important to know that you will not pay interest for your small business funding.  You will pay just a fixed cost which we derive from our risk analysis.  In essence, the lower the risk, the lower the cost for the advance. We also offer a merchant account funding program which may be right for some small businesses.  This type of arrangement allows for a flexible repayment plan that varies with your credit card sales.  In essence, you "sell" a portion of your future revenue.

Apply for Funding Today

Don't let bad credit stop you from filling out the application because, remember, Shore Funding does not rely on your credit score.  You may be eligible to have the cash in your account in as little as 24 hours.  Imagine what you can do with such fast access to the capital you need.

However you intend to use it, Shore Funding Solutions is here to provide your towing business with the short term capital needed to keep it running smoothly.  Apply today.