Funding for Restaurants

Shore Funding Has the Capital Your Restaurant Needs

Have you seen fewer customers in your restaurant these days and that the new place down the road has a line out the door? Did you recently open and are getting off to a slower than expected start? Has your credit suffered from fluctuations in business? If so, it may be time for you to apply to Shore Funding Solutions for a cash advance to help improve your restaurant's business.

Owning a Successful Business Requires Investment

Success in any business is often measured by longevity. In the restaurant industry, such longevity requires periodic change. Good food is not always the only thing that gets people to a restaurant. Ambiance, décor, cleanliness and staff often are equally as important as delicious dining. Amidst growing competition, a restaurant owner must keep these things current and even cutting edge. Doing so can make all the difference in owning a successful restaurant. But, doing so also costs money that you may not have readily available.

Don't wait too long to seek help. Sometimes a few upgrades can make a huge difference to your patrons. New tables, new carpet and a fresh coat of paint may be all you need to freshen things up. Or maybe you would like to overhaul the whole place and make it more modern and accessible to a different crowd? Either way, Shore Funding Solutions can help you secure capital for any kind of project. We can help you through a slow period or a renovation by finding a flexible and fast alternative to traditional financing.

Shore Funding Finds the Ideal Solution for Your Restaurant

You may need a quick short-term capital advance to get your restaurant back in its best shape. You do not pay interest for such an advance; only a fixed cost associated based on our risk assessment. The lower the risk, the lower your cost. Alternatively, you may want to sell a future percentage of your credit card sales with a merchant account funding agreement. This type of funding allows for a flexible repayment plan that ebbs and flows with your credit card receipts.

Shore Funding has access to the top underwriters, who are leaders in the industry. This allows us to find the very best terms and solutions customized for your restaurant's needs. It just takes a few minutes to fill out our online application and find out if you qualify. Our company does not rely on your credit score to determine whether you are qualified so don't let bad credit stop you from filling out the application. You may be eligible to have the cash in your account in as little as 24 hours. Imagine what you can do with such fast access to the capital you need.

Apply for Funding Today

You already know how difficult it is to own a restaurant. Let Shore Funding help you get back to what you do best by providing you with flexible and easy options to ensure your continued success. Apply today.