Funding for Home Renovation Companies

Need a Short-term Capital Advance for Your Home Renovation Business?

If you are the owner of a home renovation business, you may have noticed that competition for jobs is fierce.  There may be fewer jobs available because of the do-it-yourself movement which has become very popular in recent years.  There are also more people who have become unemployed and now have plenty of free time to tackle their own projects.  Some of those people are also looking to begin second careers, which puts them in direct competition with you and the business you have worked hard to nurture.

Your business might benefit from a short term capital advance, and Shore Funding Solutions is here to help you secure one.  You may wonder what you would do with some extra cash and how it would improve your business.  Consider the following things you could do:

  • Hire employees to help complete jobs faster - This would allow you to take on additional home renovation jobs and secure your reputation as a company that completes the work on time.
  • Lease or purchase equipment - This would also contribute to the speed and efficiency with which you complete your work. Having the most up to date equipment keeps you current and makes you more appealing to customers.
  • Marketing - Using money for a creative marketing campaign may drum up business you never even knew was out there.

Certifications and licenses - You may want to become specialized in an area that would allow you to appeal to a new clientele.

What Small Business Funding Solution Suits Your Home Renovation Company?

Whatever the intended use, Shore Funding Solutions can help you secure the capital you need to survive, grow and succeed.  We work with the best and most reputable underwriters to find you a creative solution to your capital problems.  A short term cash advance might be all you need to allow you to cover expenses during a dry spell or to purchase a piece of equipment.  You won't pay interest on the advance.  We charge a fixed cost which is determined by the assessed risk associated with the advance.  Lower risk=lower cost.

Some businesses might benefit from a flexible program called merchant account funding.  This advance is based on your future sales and is remitted in batches, the amount of which vary depending on your daily revenue.

Apply for Small Business Funding - It's Easy!

It takes almost no time to fill out our easy online application.  90% of applicants qualify for funding and receive their cash quickly.  We ask some basic questions and go from there.

You should know that Shore Funding Solutions does not rely on your credit score when determining whether or not you qualify.  We look at your overall business health.  Unlike banks, we don't require a lot of paperwork or time from you.

Let Shore Funding Solutions begin working on your behalf to find the right funding program for your home renovation businessApply for small business funding today.