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  • Laura L. Avatar

    Laura L. 1 month ago
    Sebastian Q. Avatar

    Nice service and very friendly staff.Robert a professional working class.

    Sebastian Q. 1 month ago
    Rachel S. Avatar

    Justin Romani was an amazing rep to work with! He kept me in the loop with each step of the... read more

    Rachel S. 1 month ago
  • David R. Avatar

    Shore funding was prompt and diligent and extremely professional.

    David R. 1 month ago
    Above a. Avatar

    Above a. 1 month ago
    chatlie f. Avatar

    Robert from shore funding, was extremely helpful and professional, I would definitely do business with him again, thanks again Rob..

    chatlie f. 1 month ago
  • Daniel F. Avatar

    Tina was great to work with. She is very professional. Looking forward to a long term relationship. Business funding was... read more

    Daniel F. 1 month ago
    Brad B. Avatar

    Brad B. 1 month ago
    Jeff B. Avatar

    Jeff B. 1 month ago
  • JONATHAN S. Avatar

    JONATHAN S. 1 month ago
    Terri T. Avatar

    Terri T. 1 month ago
    Cheryl F. Avatar

    They have funded my company twice this year and I have had no issues with them. Probably because they... read more

    Cheryl F. 1 month ago
  • Donald W. Avatar

    Donald W. 1 month ago
    dave k. Avatar

    Tina Palarino was very helpful and efficient.She got me the money I needed when I needed it.Very easy process Thank... read more

    dave k. 1 month ago
    William S. Avatar

    William S. 1 month ago
  • David F. Avatar

    Gave my company a chance of growing future business with shore funding at a reasonable rate

    David F. 2 months ago
    Chuck M. Avatar

    They did exactly what they said they could do and then had a huge obstacle to climb and was able... read more

    Chuck M. 2 months ago
    Brian W. Avatar

    John Cotrone and Tina Palarino were very Professional and fast!

    Brian W. 2 months ago
  • Tony G. Avatar

    Tony G. 2 months ago
    Ernesto C. Avatar

    Very Professional Team

    Ernesto C. 2 months ago
    N A. Avatar

    Very easy to work with and friendly

    N A. 2 months ago
  • Emily S. Avatar

    I contacted Shore Funding Solutions because I needed a small loan for my business. Don Katz immediately reached out to... read more

    Emily S. 2 months ago
    Marlon J. Avatar

    Sam, Aaron and Tina were great. Shorefunding was fast professional and made the process very simple and all digital. No... read more

    Marlon J. 2 months ago
    K &. Avatar

    K &. 2 months ago
  • Tristan L. Avatar

    Anthony Miranda and his team are just amazing. As a business owner the pandemic created a lot of... read more

    Tristan L. 3 months ago
    Lucie A. Avatar

    Mr. Anthony Miranda worked on my file. He went above and beyond to close a difficult case. He quickly answered... read more

    Lucie A. 3 months ago
    Nephi J. Avatar

    I was able to secure a 24k loan with Shore fundingWith the help of Neil and Tina got the job... read more

    Nephi J. 3 months ago
  • Cat N. Avatar

    Cat N. 3 months ago
    Tommy L. Avatar

    Victoria was very polite, professional and calmed all my nerves and concerns. Mohammed made sure I had everything in order... read more

    Tommy L. 5 months ago
    Dorothy S. Avatar

    Very helpful and courteous will use their services again.

    Dorothy S. 5 months ago